Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good Ending to a Very Busy Weekend

What a crazy busy weekend!

Friday night Bills parents and middle son came to stay for the weekend. A full house is a happy house. :) Saturday morning Bill and I ran his first 5k! We had a good time (and by we I mean me, I think Bill was less than overjoyed by the experience). 
June, my MIL, my girlies and I went to the veggie store. We had a fun little trip. 
We went to the Boys and Girls Club Auction Saturday night and had a wonderful time with good friends and my sister and her boyfriend. EXCITING NEWS, MY SISTER AND GLENN ARE ENGAGED! So now my blogs will read, my sister and her fiancĂ©!  Woot!
We got home pretty late. But were up fairly early Sunday morning. We had Graci's 7th birthday party planned for Sunday at noon and it was really nice seeing everyone at the party. Following the party my sister, her fiancĂ©, my dad, my in-laws, Bill and I and the kiddos. Was a really nice time. 
Ate good this weekend, next week should be quite interesting, crazy workouts planned!!!