Monday, October 14, 2013

Race Weight

I've recently been reading a little about this... And the benefits of being at race weight, the increase in speed, better endurance, etc. I am about 8# off of my ideal race weight with three weeks from yesterday until my "make-up marathon", as I will be calling this tiny local marathon. :) 

The plan... I am a planner, and this works very, very effectively for me. My running and workout schedule has been for shit the last few weeks, I have 99 reasons (and a bitch ain't one, lol) why but nothing that isn't easily fixable... 

Issue one, my diet plain flippin sucks. Some of the needed adjustments: Bill and I eat out roughly three lunches or more a week, and he loves carb-loaded dinners, I love cooking, and it isn't working, ELIMINATE EATING OUT & MAKE HEALTHY DINNERS... Diet soda, I love it, and it hates me, and usually loads on a pound or two of water weight, last one in the fridge this morning is now gone, therefore I won't be buying more, REMOVE DIET PEPSI & ENTER TEA. Secret snacking... I will admit that often, especially Tuesdays and Thursdays when I get home two hours before Bill, I snack on the most unhealthy things in the house, UNPLANNED SNACKING IS ENDING. Water, I am not a fan of water, I know I should be, I understand all the benefits, I just plain don't drink enough of it... This is coming to an end too, PACKING AROUND THE BUBBA CUP is happening. I log my food on MyFitnessPal, and it is extremely effective, unless I feel like a hog and quit part way through the day, usually around 3pm, so back to LOGGING EVERYTHING I EAT OR DRINK. These major adjustments will make it easy for me to lose these 8# prior to November 2nd, planning to lose three pounds this week, three pounds the next and two the last week before the marathon. 

Workouts... Because I will need to fit in another long run prior to race day, I will need to work that in this Sunday... So my training schedule looks a little like this:
     Monday: Pilates, Spinning 1 hour
     Tuesday: Treadmill 5 miles, Swimming 15 laps
     Wednesday: Pilates, Spinning 1 hour
     Thursday: Treadmill 5 miles, Swimming 15 laps
     Friday: Rest
     Saturday: Easy 3 miles
     Sunday: 18 miles, long and slow

So far today, great little breakfast of 1/2c non-fat greek yogurt, granola and banana. Brought my BUBBA cup to work and have already polished of a cup of green tea. 


Morning snack: (sorry no pic) Yummy Orange!

Lunch: (Bill isn't working, so meeting him at home for lunch went as planned today! Hurray!) Made a baked potato (if it's in the microwave is it still a baked potato?), topped it with a half of a sauteed onion, and 2T of Tillamook's fat free sour cream. This was too heavenly to be only 157 calories, but it really was. SWEET SUCCESS. 

Afternoon Snack: (sorry again, no pic, and won't be eaten til around 3pm) 1 oz of almonds

Dinner: Grilled Salmon, Corn and some yummy brown rice... Pic may come later... hard to say.