Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

What an interesting day. Woke up with a head cold, alarm didn't go off... So switched my Sunday rest day for today... Stayed on track with my eating, was less than I should have eaten but without the ability to taste and no appetite, I just ate according to the diet but just less... And again the facility was all temptation. Candy everywhere, a cake walk, more snacks and junk than can even be imagined, and I cheated ZERO times. Woot. 

Today, an awesome nurse I work with dressed up as ME RUNNING BOSTON. Was a really, really funny deal... :) The girls were zombies, one a prom queen and another a ballerina. My sister and her boyfriend came over and went trick or treating with us. I love them. Good day all in all. 

Can't rest again tomorrow, with a full house coming this weekend, I won't likely get the workouts in Saturday... So go to hell head cold, I got things to do tomorrow.