Monday, October 28, 2013

12 Week Challenge - Day 1 - Success

Wow... Day one went perfectly as planned... Other than I feel like I have eaten non-stop all day long... 
This is the breakdown of my day...

5am: Alarm goes off, I can here my coffee brewing in the kitchen, and make it out of bed. Obstacle #1 tackled. :) So I enjoy my cup of coffee with 1/4c of almond milk. Heavenly. 

5:15am: Start my weight workout. Clearly I have a lot of room for improvement... Everything was heavy and I could feel every single rep like I had been lifting all morning... Focus was back and biceps. Here is the actual workout: Incline Bench Row, Unilateral Dummbell Row, Dummbell Pullover, One Arm Plank Row, Kettlebell Deadlift, Dumbbell Curls, Hammer Dumbbell Curls, and Dummbell Cleans. It was a good little workout.

5:50am: Pilates! (Okay, this is totally not on the Fighter Diet Program, but I love the way Pilates makes me feel and stretches me out) Followed by some Foam Rolling which I love. 

6:30am: Girls up and around, dressed, fed, lunches and out the door. 

7:00am: RUN! 30 minutes on my treadmill... It was a sweet, sweet reunion. :) I felt good. My foot felt good. My pace was fair, but not slow. :) 

That's when the eating began........... After getting around for work, I made my first meal...

Meal #1:
1c egg whites
1 whole tomato
1 whole onion
1 whole bell pepper

Got to work with my huge, ugly lunch pail and at 10am, already had to eat the second meal... Whoa... Food overload already. 

Meal #2:
10 strawberries
1/4c Greek yogurt

I get this down while at my desk doing paperwork, and before I am ready, already have to eat again... Geez.... Holy food. So head home for lunch with Bill, who is home sick, and eat yet again... I forgot to take a picture...

Meal #3:
4oz Salmon
2c Stirfry Veggies
1/2 can of Baby Corn (interestingly they are allowed, but normal corn is not...)

Work gets a little hectic, and I don't eat my 3pm meal at that time but rather at 5pm when I get home..... 

Meal #4:
20 Cooked Carrots
2c Green Beans
1c Broccoli 

So........ Much........... Food.............. Pauline Nordin's whole take on this food thing is, if you are stuffing yourself full of these healthy veggies, 50% of my caloric allowance, and let me tell you it feels like pounds more food than I normally eat for the same calories, you won't feel tempted to eat crappy food, won't have cravings and will fill full... And let me tell you, this theory is SPOT ON... 

Meal #5:
4oz Chicken Breast
8oz Yam
2c Cabbage
1 Whole Onion

Then again, there will be more eating......... I haven't managed to eat again yet, so no pic quite yet... 

Meal #6:
1/4c Cottage Cheese 

I could die from all these vegetables... For real... Die. 

All in all, day one a BIG SUCCESS. :)