Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feel Good Moments

There are days at my job that I feel very fulfilled, very appreciated and remind me of all the reasons I love to work in long term care. One of the big reasons being the person that a family can turn to in a very painful time in their life, such as facing that they are in fact going to lose their loved one. Many people view working in rehabilitation/long term care/nursing home settings as a very depressing thought. You'd be amazed the happiness that I feel.

Today I had two amazingly "feel good moments". One, receiving a card from a son thanking me for allowing him to trust again. What an amazing thing to have someone say to you.
The second moment, when sitting with a man in tears after bad news, he reaches out for my hand and says "Thank you for being here, I'm scared". At that moment, I'm reminded of why I love my job, why I love this population of people and why all the crappy things that come with my job are worth it. 
And sometimes I need to take a moment and soak up the feel good moments. :)