Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Good Day All in All

Pretty good little day. :) Had a rough nights sleep, which is my way of saying I didn't run or lift this morning. So after getting the girls off to school, I went downstairs to check out the girls' doors, to keep the dog out... AND IN THE YARD, WAS THE VACUUM... What the hell kind of dog takes your vacuum outside???? Yeah, you read that right, not a shoe, not a stuffed animal or food scraps, NO the whole damn handheld vacuum... wtf? So far we have lost three pairs of children's running shoes, two toy bins, MY FOAM ROLLER (which by the way is my ONLY effective relief for my back hurting), a pile of magazines, two books, a children's tent... I mean seriously? What is wrong with this dog? And she's so stinking cute that it's impossible to get too pissed at her (well minus the foam roller day, that was to much, too much). So today, I decided, THAT'S IT! THAT DOG GOES OUTSIDE WHEN WE AREN'T HOME. Only to get a text this afternoon from the girls' nanny that said this "I am with the girls. Also when I got here Kimbo was out in the front yard". You win Kimbo... You win.
Work was mostly meetings today, I got caught up on a few things to prepare for no working tomorrow to go with Bill to the Tri-Cities. Was supposed to have lunch with a girlfriend, but it didn't workout, so instead did some tanning on this super white body, my sissy always says "tan fat is sexier than white fat".

Then I left work at four to go for an AMAZING run in the sunshine. I went from running last week in three layers to being too warm in a long sleeved burn out tee... Whoa. It felt sooo good. AND THEN, when I got home, BILL WANTED TO GO FOR A BIKE RIDE with the kiddos. Who's winning today? This girl.
We came home afterward and made the fam some Baked Ziti, getting the thumbs up on the new recipie from both Bill and the girlies, and made myself some Miracle Noodles with crab and italian dressing, yum.

So yeah, good day all in all. Plus, tomorrow I'm taking a personal day from work, getting a long run in in the morning and going shopping while Bill is in his training, may just need some new running gear... Need? Want? Same thing...