Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Self Talk

Me this morning, speaking to me. 
Me: ohhhh I am sooo tired, I should take a rest day
Me: your running schedule says you need to run today
Me: yeah, but you ran a long run yesterday, you should rest those legs
Me: uhh, self, you ran long yesterday because you skipped your weekend run, you made it up
Me: I still need a rest day
Me: too damn bad, lazy bones
Me: maybe a short run?
Me: no!
Me: ugh... *loud exaggerated sigh*
Me: run sprints, you'll be done fast and get in all your miles...
Me: fine. 
And so today, was sprints!
Work was really pretty good today, got a lot done, and busy all day so it flew by. There are days like this that I just feel totally on point and effective at work. 

Tonight is swimming lessons with my girls. Love these ladies. :) 
(New school pics!)