Thursday, March 27, 2014

What is this? A funk?

I don't know what I would call this week... A funk? I've been barely running, primarily doing yoga, eating like shit and cranky... 
I've been trying to remedy my issue. Things have been difficult at home. Is that it? My morning routine was upset three times this week with two morning events at the girls' school and one morning my mom was in town... Is that it? Poor scheduling? Am I burnt out with all the running? No way!! Well no more excuses lady. Tomorrow morning my routine is set, my overnight oats are currently prepping in the fridge and I'm ready to get over this shitty little hump. And I know when I bust through it, I'll be so thankful. 

On an up-note my daughter was Mars in a play at her school. 
Where I brought these fun cupcakes!
And today, my co-workers got me a great card and a box of wine for Social Worker Appreciation Month. And I got an email from a different co-worker that meant a lot to me! THEN, when I got home from work I got ANOTHER super sweet thank you card from the girls' nanny with gift cards for a date night, for making her feel like family (I just love that girl).