Saturday, October 5, 2013

Marathon Eve... And Vomitting

What the hell? You train twenty weeks, really train, in the early morning, on the weekend, at night. We are talking hours away from your family every week... HOURS... Then the week of the race, you start getting sick. The Friday before you are sick in bed. Saturday, at the expo, still vomitting... You know, what the hell??? 

Do I run anyways? Do I say screw a PR and just go run, just get the race in, stopping to puke along the way? Do I just get out there and try? And, if I start dying, stop. 

Or do I listen to my loving husband, and take it easy and run a different marathon in the next few weeks? To prepare for his convincing chat he checked the marathon guide website, and rattled off three other marathons in the next few weeks. (Don't tell Bill, he sounded like the voice of reason...) 

I think I'll sleep on it, see how I feel in the morning... It's only 26.2 miles... FML.