Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Road ID Sponsorship & Another Successful Day!!!!

Today I was notified that I received another running sponsorship. I am really excited about this, as it is a really cool product! Road ID! Check them out! So my mom bought me my first Road ID while living in a very small logging town when I did the majority of my running on back roads, my mom was just sure that I would be hit by a car or logging truck and that no one would know who to call. So she ordered me a Road ID, and I totally loved it! 
My first one was a pink one like this. 

The second one I got was like this, without the badge, also pink. 

My eating was excellent today, and after a great day yesterday, I am feeling good about how I'm eating.  Finished last night off with baked chicken, baked potato and baked butternut squash. 

This morning was Greek Yogurt, raspberries, a banana, granola & green tea. 
Followed by a delicious BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad at Zanys with my sweety. 

Dinner was grilled salmon, cooked carrots, and another baked potato with 2T fat free sour cream (I bought a bag of potatoes the same day my mom bought a giant box of them and shared... So expect a ton of potatoes for this three week weight loss...). 
Bill and I swam again tonight. I felt great. I'm totally getting the breathing. Felt good. And faster. Woot. So for my earned calories, I'm savoring a glass of Sangria as I type. :) double win. 

Too frigid to run in the morning??? We shall see.