Friday, October 18, 2013

Sticking to the plan...

Swimming is going quite well, I felt really good last night at the pool, my breathing just seems to be improving every time I go, and I don't feel like I look like drowning ape anymore. Got home yesterday afternoon and talked the girls into a five mile bike ride, and they agreed with an ice cream bribe. :) It was really gorgeous out. We were unfortunate enough though to be riding along the levee when they were flushing the sprinklers therefore soaked for about a half mile with freezing cold water, needless to say the girls were less than impressed. They also had swimming following the bike ride, had I drug them out for a run, they would have been ready for a triathlon!!! 

Happy to report even though the blogging world hasn't been put through the torture of seeing my every meal, I have eaten perfectly since my initial post... And let me tell you, it hasn't been easy, it seems the world, both at work and at home has secretly been conspiring against my best efforts to drop a few pounds... at work this week there has been cupcakes in our managers meeting twice, homemade banana bread from one of the few nurses I would eat home cooked food by, brownines, fajitas, a nacho bar and a giant pile of junk food dumped on my desk including a diet Pepsi?!?! But because I have been packing my breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack every day plus my water and tea, no temptation, even that cold diet Pepsi has broken my willpower... Today is a busy day for our facility with state legislators in, so getting my workout in this morning will help keep me on track for the day. A run on my treadmill and Pilates. Off to a good start. 

Happy Friday!!! Could not be more ready for this work week to be over.