Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Shitty Motivation & Top Five Reasons I LOVE To Run

I'd like to say that I have been trucking along like I always have and my running has been amazing and I haven't been a giant grouchy baby, BUT that's not the case... I haven't been out for a run for about two weeks, not a short shitty one, not on my treadmill, not a damn single one... Why? No idea. I am a grouch about it too. I have been sick, fair enough, but I have been better since yesterday... I swam yesterday, yes, but really? That too is an excuse. My iron is low, leaving me on the anemic side of things, again, lame excuse. So tonight, I will quit being such a baby, a grouch and weiner and get out for a run. 

Top 5 Reasons That I Love To Run (Maybe I just need a reminder)
1. My number one reason will always be that it helps me find peace. It is me running with me. And loving it. 
2. Running starts my day out or ends my day right, it leaves me feeling rejuvenated.  
 3. Running improves my mood, and takes all the stress that I carry around away, in turn making me an easier person to be around, and live with...
4. Running is good for you. I feel healthiest when I am running. 
5. I love buying new running shoes!!! Ha!