Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Complete with A Long Run

When you are a mom and a runner, the one thing you never have enough of is time. So Sunday I slept in. No one woke me up or demanded anything from me. When I did wake up, Bill and the girls gave me an adorable homemade card (my favorite), a Starbucks gift card (also my favorite), and a gift certificate for 2 mani-pedis (the ultimate indulgence). I love that Bill gets me. Because the best gift of all was yet to come. I had my longest run of the marathon training season, and all the time I needed to do it, Bill and the girls hung out, there is no better gift than a guilt-free unrestrained run. 

The long run...
So you can see that the map above shows I would finish about 21.5 miles, but I have noticed with map my run that it often adds a touch more than my Garmin shows... I started at a boat launch where there was a man checking fish for Fish and Game, when I returned to the parking lot after the second loop, you could tell he was beginning to wonder what the hell I was doing but when I made my way back after my out and back portion of the run and looked at my Garmin to see 19.6 miles and began to run loops around the parking lot, it was clear he thought I had lost it. Ha. Perfect weather, it was a cool 65 with no wind and perfect clouded sky. Could not have gone better. Was planning for 9 minute mile splits, was ahead on most of the first half, and then close to on track for the second half, finishing at 2:48. Feeling really, really good about CDA. Hoping for that elusive sub-4 marathon time. :)
Also, I got flowers and a Starbucks card (yes, I love coffee) from the girls' Nanny Dom... What a sweet and amazing girl Dom is. Moms everywhere can relate that the scariest and hardest thing a mother ever does is leave their precious children in the care of someone else. I know how very lucky I am to have Dom. She makes being a mom easier, every single day. Love that girl.