Friday, May 2, 2014

Habit #3 of 10: Build A Tribe

Habit #3: Build A Tribe

This is what Mark says about this: "Over time, cultivate the relationships that seem most genuine and promising. Cultivate that mutuality in small but significant ways. Bring your best to the friendship and expect the same in return." (Link here.

This is an excellent point. Building relationships with people that I share common interests with is key. I have few, few, few friends that run. My sister is an amazing athlete that I love talking to about fitness and eating. A few gals I work with have taken up race running which has been fun to talk about and plan. I need to work harder on this. Maybe a running group? 
Yesterday I did run in the morningout on the levee, after some yoga. 
Last night my mother-in-law came to town, which is why I am late getting this up. We spent the whole entire evening chatting. She's been away far too long!!!