Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Habit #2 of 10: Be Selfish

Habit #2: Be Selfish
This is what Mark says about this: "When we are nourished and sustained today, we have more to offer to those around us and to our futures." (Link here.)

When it comes to my running, this is an area I'm selfish. Thankfully, I have Bill who understands and supports my selfishness, two little girls that accept "Mommy running" as my alone time, and job that is somewhat flexible to my running schedule. I do try to work around my family, I do not expect Bill to pick up the slack when I run during the week, I either run at 5:00a before my girls wake up at 6:30a, at 7:10a when the girls leave for school, or at 4p an hour before the nanny leaves the house. Long runs I do on Saturday or Sunday and this is my most selfish time of the week, the weekends we have the kids Bill is left alone at home alone with 4 children and often the between 1 to 3 of the neighbor children, and he never tells me to hurry or when to go. (Don't tell Bill, but he's an okay guy...)
So tonights 7.29 mile loop was soooo terribly hot, so 4pm was not an ideal time to go run it turned out... 
At one point, I stop at the drinking fountain, where another dying runner was getting some water and he said "wow, not a good time to run", I respond "no kidding", he then says "it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow", then I respond "better listen to my alarm in the morning". For real, need to run in the morning...