Saturday, April 19, 2014

Twilight 5k Race Recap with my Girlies

Sheesh... Missed a few days. Had a crazy week last week. Tuesday I prepared to be gone from work on Wednesday and away from my baby girls for two nights. I could not be more thankful for the nanny that comes after school to be with my girls, and stayed the two nights we were gone. She is so trustworthy and amazing and the girls adore her. Headed up to Spokane to Quest Resort & Casino Tuesday after work. Our room was a gorgeous suite. It was soo nice. 

Wednesday I decided I would do my long run for the week since I had a full free day. After an oatmeal breakfast with Bill, I headed down to the resort's gym. I am not usually opposed to running on a treadmill, even for long runs, but it was mentally a difficult run to complete. 16 miles on a treadmill gets a little old. The upside, I just dial in for 8 minute miles and just run. No guess work, just go. A little over thirty minutes into it I started a movie on my iPad and that totally helped. Afterward, I stretched for a long time with their foam roller. Felt good. Then after a quick shower headed to Q Nails for a mani/pedi with a leg massage and pressure point release. Aaa-mmmaazzziiiin-ggg. Seriously. Felt so good. Stopped off at Starbucks on my way back to relax at the suite. Perfect long run. 
Thursday I had to leave the resort at 6am to head back to make in time for our morning Management Team Meeting. Work was utter chaos. Seriously. Chaos. Could not wait to get home to my girls. 

Friday was the girls' very first 5k. I love the little races that the college puts on in this valley. And it makes me so proud when the girls do these sorts of things. :) they did wonderful. LCSC does this race in the evening which is where the name, Twilight 5k comes from. They do a great job keeping everything organized, it's time chipped, they always have plenty to drink and eat afterward, and it's a super supportive group. No matter when you cross that finish line you get tons of cheers and applause which was perfect for my girls' first 5k experience. 
A gal I work with is just starting to get into running, this was also her first 5k, and she placed 2nd in her age group!! Two other cool things about this chick, one, she is running CDA half, two, her Mizuno Syonaras! 
This morning the facility was having an Easter Egg Hunt. It went amazingly. The gal at the facility that does these events is incredible. The kids love it but even cooler is how much the people that live or are rehabbing in the facility love it. Cool deal. 
Tonight we colored eggs to prepare for tomorrow. Going to be a busy morning with my family here for Easter. Looking forward to it!!