Friday, April 25, 2014

My brother is a hero.

(My sissy telling my brother good-bye as he heads back to the Army)

My brother, Alex, has been home for a week. And a week is no where near long enough. Alex is in the army, Alex is an E.O.D. specialist, which means he detects and disarms explosive devices. My brother will be deployed this year. We've all known this would happen. None of us were ready for this news. My brother is making the most self-less decision and person can, my brother is willing to place his life at risk for everyone else in America. My life, your life, strangers lives, your children, my children. My brother is a hero. My brother is brave. 

(My brother holding his youngest niece, Lily, with my sissy) 

(My dad holding his youngest granddaughter for the first time)