Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday Long Run & Sunday Rest Day

Saturdays 12 mile long run went well, there was a huge turnout for the local MS Walk, so my orignal plan wouldn't really work, I don't mind running through a race, I do mind running through their starting arch... So instead of starting where I had planned, I mapped out a different path. I still ended up running through their group, TWICE. The first time was fine, but 40 minutes later, running through the same group of people was awkward to say the least! 
Afterward the girls and I had a lady date. They are such funny girls. 
Then the girls, the boys, Bill & I went to see Captain America in the theatre. It was actually very, very good. And of course the girls needed their picture taken behind the cardboard props... Nerds. 
Today, I met my sister and her baby girl, Lily, for a nice walk on the levee with the girlies and Kimbo too. Visiting with Ash about anything & everything always leaves me feeling so refreshed. She always understands how I feel and I love listening to how she's doing. The girls and Kimbo played before Ash got there and giggled and laughed and carried on. They really do light up my life. 
This afternoon the girls and I met up with my mom, Gerry (my step-dad), my sister, Lily, Glenn (Ash's husband) and Glenn's brother for a late lunch. Afterward the girls and I went and did some grocery shopping. 

Spring Break ends tonight, so back in our regular nightly routine. I have had a few people ask about my typical eating during the week, so I will try to track my food on here this week, to those of you who could give a shit less about my eating, too bad. :)