Monday, April 28, 2014

My Running Bucket List

So while I am sure you would love to hear again about y morning routine and my four mile run this morning before work, I will spare you...Instead, whether you like it or not, I am going to give you the list of races that I would love to run given no money barriers and plenty of training time availability.
1. CDA Marathon
CDA was the first Marathon that I had ever heard about. I remember thinking '26.2 miles??? Are they crazy?' and now, in 5 short weeks (too short) I will be running that race. And I am super stoked about it.
2. Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas
When I met Bill, this is the race that I was training for... My smitteness over our relationship totally derailed my training... But the awesome experience of running the strip at night is still something that I want to do...
3. Disney Marathon
In Florida!!! What the heck! (I would be willing to run the half, in California as a compromise on this one...)
I would totally love to run a marathon on an island, and my own fears about going international makes Hawaii the best idea. :)
5. An Ironman
Yes, I know that my swimming stinks, and I know that I have never done a Triathlon of any kind, but one day, when I have more free time to train (11 years til both the girls are 18, ha), I would really like to train first for a sprint or olympic distance triathlon and then an Ironman. I think it is almost super human to finish one of these races, and I would absolutely love to complete one.