Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Habit #1 of 10: Take Responsibility

Been doing a little reading on another blog that I follow, Marks Daily Apple, and you are about to hear a lot more about it. One of the things I'm going to be focusing on this week is his writing about 10 Habits of Highly Successful Hunters-Gathers. I know you are thinking, "wtf, hunters-gathers??" but his entire teaching is about living a more Primal life, ranging from our behaviors, our eating, and our exercise habits. But rather than write a huge essay on what he's teaching, I'm breaking it down into the things I find the most interesting or have the most impact in my life right now. Some of it relates to Marathon Running, some of it doesn't... :)

Habit #1: Take Responsibility
This is what Mark says about this: "When you stop distracting yourself with what belongs to other people, you can focus on your own life. When you own where you’re at in said life, you’re empowered to move forward in it. When you place power in your life elsewhere, however, you’ve chosen to relinquish that power. You’ve given it away. (Link here.)

When it comes to many areas of my life I could easily place blame... And I have. When is comes to running it goes a little like this: "My race times aren't as good as they should be because... I don't have time to train all the time or I'm a busy mom if two little girls or My job demands a lot from me..." You name it. But the reality is this, I make time to Facebook, I watch TV at night, heck I make time to do this... So the reality is, I could run more, I could be faster, but only I can make it a priority in my life... No more excuses. The responsibility is mine. 
This morning was a four mile tempo run. Slept in too late for yoga which my back didn't appreciate... Tonight the girlies had a softball scrimmage.