Sunday, April 13, 2014

6 Weeks Til CDA & Long Run Sunday!

Well, six weeks until the CDA Marathon, May 25th. Starting to really focus on my long runs, as they are the guide for how things will go at the Marathon. The number one rule about Marathon running is never to change things up for the Marathon. What you eat, what you wear and how you fuel should be exactly as they are on long run days as they will be on race day. 
So this morning was 2 cups of coffee with 1/4c Homemade Almond Milk in each. And my fav oatmeal before running, 1/2c quick oats, 1c water, and 1T almond butter. And some water with lemon. I give my tummy about 3 minutes to digest before heading out.

My gear is my Mizuno Syanaras, my iPod with Bill's Bose Earbuds, my Nathan Handheld Water Bottle, my Garmin Forerunner 110, and my Nuun tablets. I was also wearing my long sleeve pink UA tee that Bill's mom, June, got me for my birthday, my Adidas hat, my running capris, and my fav Drymax Hyper Thin Socks.

I pre-planned my 14 mile loop with the plan to refuel at 7 miles. Isn't this path gorgeous?
The refuel was a second Nuun tablet, a PowerBar Gel, and FRS chew. Worked like a champ.
Worked so well that my second half was a few minutes faster than my first!
Returned home for my favorite recover drink, 1 scoop protein, 1 dash of glutamine, 1T cocoa, over ice and filled with coffee. This is totally my fav recovery drink. 
Then planned the Bill & the kids' meals for the week, made my grocery list, and went to get groceries.
Dinner for me tonight was a BBQ chicken chopped salad. YUM.
Then prepped Oven Fajitas for lunches this week. 
And Overnight Oats for breakfasts.
Makes for one solid little Sunday.