Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting into the swing of a summer routine...

It's funny to me how much my routine revolves around my daughters. So this week, not having them here, has really thrown me for a loop. Monday I went to CrossFit as planned and since then everything has gotten a little crazy. For one, I've hardly eaten, and what I have eaten hasn't been my norm... Cooking dinner for two people when you usually cook for either 4 or 6 or 9 just makes no sense. But I have an entire summer of this one week on, one week off crap, so I better figure it out. (And try not to be a mess missing my baby girls all summer.) 

This morning, after some much needed yoga, I made a meal list with the food we currently have in the house, completely cleaned out my entire fridge which was badly needed, made a grocery list, finished up washing all the girls' bedding, then put in my five mile run. I opted out on CrossFit this morning because I have a 5k with my BAM gals tomorrow night I didn't wanna limp through more than my shitty foot would cause. Followed that up with some foam rolling which felt really good. So things, although not my normal morning schedule, have seemed to kind of fall into their place. 

Also saw this on a blog I read this morning which totally cracked me up.
I have to say, I am really enjoying being back at CrossFit for my strength training, and just the overall challenge that CrossFit offers. I'm sore in places I haven't felt in several years, seeing some results already, and enjoying the exhaustion that I only feel after a crazy CrossFit WOD.