Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interesting Roller Coaster Called Life

Lets start at the beginning...

Part One: The Morning
Great morning workout. Started again with the Nike+ game because my legs were soooo sore from the jumping I ASSumed the workout would loosen them up. Wrong... So after that fun workout with my virtual trainer (how nerdy am I...), I drug my spinning bike downstairs for thirty minutes on my spinning bike... THEN, was loosened up enough to run, SLOW... What the hell? A video game is kicking my ass?

Part Two: Work
Complaint surveyor in again today... For real? Again. No tags. All is well. (Btw we are a 5 star building!!!) THEN my Mizuno stuff for Saturday came!!! Woo hoo! 

Part Three: Back Issues
Well, finally got my results on my back X-ray... But first, my lab work is perfect, iron normal, cholesterol great, thyroid excellent, blood cell count normal. Then he explained my X-ray. My back is hurting because I have Degenerative Disc Disease. The biggest concern I had was surgery, which won't be necessary and running, which I can continue. He spoke with an orthopedic doctor, and they both feel confident that although running may cause pain it won't make my back any better or any worse if I run. He said surgery was likely in my future, like in my 40s but not soon. He also order physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in my back and to help with pain. I know this doesn't sound like great news, but I feared far worse and feared I would have to stop running.

Part Four: My Family
Swimming lessons resumed tonight for the girls. They are separated this time, they both were nervous but they did excellent. Bill and I swam laps and I felt great. Usually I feel tired after working out in the morning and swimming at night but tonight I felt good, like I could swim forever. The difference, COFFEE! Bill bought me a coffee bean grinder, which I couldn't wait to use, so I had coffee before we swam. I will be doing this again. Now, snuggled in with Bill watching Homeland with my glass of wine, my dog, playing Words with Friends...

I am a lucky girl.