Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome Monday

After a sad recovery from the 49ers loss and a long busy weekend with four children and there neighbor children, I welcomed Monday. 
But this morning, woke up with a twelve year old boy on our floor and a eight year old boy was in the living room before my coffee was even brewed, so needless to say my perfected morning routine was less than routine... So instead I went to work early and left early after the boys were brought back to their mothers house. My run felt okay, as they always do for me after work and meetings and stress, but nonetheless I got it in... But the better part was my awesome Nike Kinect game, I seriously am a total nerd about it. 
Read an article tonight about a lady, Meg, that was killed by a drunk driver while out running. Meg left behind a husband and three children. Truly heart breaking. Tomorrow my miles will be for Meg.