Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bathroom Break Mistake

5am, I wake up to "Burn the Witch", my alarm on my cell phone. I LOVE waking up to this song, seriously, love it. My alarm goes off, I have to have it away from my bed, otherwise, I slide the alarm and go back to sleep, and snuggling into Bill is INSANELY difficult to escape... I just want two more hours of sleep and to snuggle with him...

This morning's run was scheduled to be a 5 mile Tempo run. Had my Preworkout and my Preworkout snack. I can't run with much in my stomach without "losing" it, so I usually leave it to a half of a whole wheat sandwich thin and 1T of peanut butter, a cup of black tea and 16 oz of water. This is literally the perfect combo for my stomach, always making for an excellent run. I allow my stomach 20 minutes to start digesting before heading down to the levee. Parked on the end by the bathroom this morning... EPIC mistake. I always, and I mean ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom halfway through my run, so it makes more sense to park at the other end of my run, run to the bathroom and run back to the car... Today I take off from the car, get close to my turn around point, and realize I HAVE to go to the bathroom, HAVE TO. So I look around for cars, runners, walkers, bikers... The path and road is clear. I hop down the rocks to the edge of the river, and go to the bathroom. I happily climb back to  the levee, feeling relieved, lighter and happy with my pace to the halfway point, at the halfway point I realize... I don't have my key fob in my hand... and with horror realize I set it on the rock next to where I went to the bathroom... I look back down the levee and think, I am never gonna find that key... Ever... I run back to where I THINK I went to the bathroom... Pause my Nike+ tracking, and walk along the rocks, for a quarter of a mile, then I walk back... NO KEY. I start back down the rocks, thinking I am going to have to run home, have Bill drive me to the Acura and explain why I lost his Acura car key (mind you these keys cost $200-$300 for the key fob and the programming, according to acurazine.com)... I make it down the rocks the third time... No key. I climb my way back to the top and think sadly about my run time, my ruined run and the damn key... I look down the rocks, and there, sitting on a rock, right in front of my face, is the key. HALLELUJAH!!! So, grabbed the key and finished my run, in good time and thinking how funny the whole experience was. :)