Monday, August 26, 2013

Do you hear me foot?

My foot and I are clearly not seeing eye to eye on this marathon situation. 

Me: "foot, I gave you three days off to heal"
Foot: "walking 13000 steps at Silverwood doesn't count"
Me: "c'mon, I wrapped you up!"
Foot: "I am so sore"
Me: "we did our cross training day on the treadmill, what more do you want from me???"
Foot: "to heal, you bitch!"
Me: "fuck you foot!"
(It just got nasty from there...)

So, sitting here, icing my tender foot, pissily (and yes grammar nazis, I know that isn't a word). After a 3.7 mile test run on the treadmill, today my foot wins...

On a plus, ended the girls' summer break with a fun trip to Silverwood. :)