Thursday, August 29, 2013

Turns out 89 degrees isn't much better to run in than 95 degrees...

Another hot run... 88 degrees, 6.1 miles, pace 8.0 min/mi... And my foot is totally killing me. Damn. I really was hoping it would be feeling better today. Ugh. Thankful for my embarrassing looking socks and Bio-freeze because whether they are helping my foot or not, they are amazing post-run. 

As I listen to Bill and his buddy Zach do their fantasy football draft I am reminded, it's football season!!!!
I LOVE THE 49ers and they will be in Seattle, Sept 15th, thinking that I will need to get tickets, I mean, it's right before my birthday and all. 
This is how nerdy Bill and Zach look right now... Ha!!!

And tomorrow night we are heading to Seattle for Bumbershoot, which is a ton of bands and comedians on a bunch of different stages around downtown Seattle. Really looking forward to it! Will be a great time!!! Plus, I LOVE Seattle!!