Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend in Seattle

We headed over to Seattle Friday night, we arrived late, after midnight. We actually stayed in Mukilteo, which is a tiny little town on the Washington coast. The next morning, I was so happy to see what a gorgeous view we had. 
 Saturday morning, we headed over to the
Bellevue Mall, this is what Bill looks like as I shop in the Lululemon store that I just love!!! We did spend a small fortune at the Escape Outdoors store where I got two amazing jackets, one for running and the other to just wear, both super cute, I am excited to wear them both. 
Bill has been wanting to trade his Acura TL in for something bigger, that we can take our bikes out in when its just he and I instead of the gas guzzling Armada. So we went to the Eastside Subaru dealership, worked with a totally nerdy little dealer and left buying a suped up Subaru Forester XT. It has some of the craziest little techie things its incredible, like if you are driving with the cruise on, and you get up to a car, it changes the pace to the same pace of the car in front of you, keeping you at the distance you program! It even has a thing that will detect if you are out of your lane. I think Bill is secretly trying to keep me from having any more car accidents... Sneaky sneaky. 
Then we headed to Pikes Place which is like the most amazing little place in the Northwest, in my opinion. The people watching is one of the most fun parts of walking around downtown Seattle. 

This is how Bill feels about Authentic Indian Food, especially the curry wrap he had. :)
This is the little bird that joined us...
After lunch we decided to head over to the EMP museum, this was quite a little walk. So totally worth it. The EMP is right by this huge glass museum and the Space Needle. 
The first place inside the EMP that we went to was the Sci-fi area and the Horror show areas, which were 
super cool. 
Yes! That is Anakin Skywalkers skull, the first sketches of Darth Vader and the handle for Darth Vaders light saber. 
The following were worn by Christopher Reves as Superman and Sirius Black in Harry Potter, pretty cool!
Next, we were on to the Jimi Hendrix part of the museum, which was amazing. 
And probably the coolest and also most depressing part was the Kurt Cobain / Nirvana part of the museum. I don't think Bill and I said a world to eachother the whole time. Pretty amazing. 
I was a little disappointed of the Women Who Rock part, as Brittany Spears and Lady Ga Ga both had made to the museum, but here are a few of the women I did appreciate seeing...
Afterward, we walked back to the car. Bumbershoot was starting, they were sold out, and people were everywhere begging for tickets. This was the bike corral area. Insane. 
We went to have pizza and beer/wine at this great pizza joint, Brooklyn Bros. Great little place, with a Pac Man, King Kong, Frogger ect arcade game, FUN! 

We headed back to home Sunday morning, but not before stopping off at the Outlet mall and doing a little more shopping. They had an Under Armour Outlet which made me one very happy girl. :)