Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Schmister

I realize that not everyone has an amazing sister, or an amazing best friend or someone that they would trust their life, their secrets, their everything with. I have that. Not to brag. But my sister is amazing. My sister is better than your sister, no matter who you are reading this.

Ashley is one of those people that you meet, that are so interesting, so funny, so intelligent and so fiery that you just fall in love with her the moment you meet her. Men and women alike love my sister, they either want to be her best friend, become a lesbian, or marry her... For real. Luckily she is stuck with me, she will be forever, and I don't have to change my sexual orientation to keep her.
I have a bundle of recent pictures of her... But these are a few of my favorites. The one above is the day that Ashley and I went to Spokane for this Spokane River Run, we both got really sick like the week before, and were coughing and feeling like shit all weekend, we showed up that morning to the race, to realize we were at the WRONG Riverfront Park, the the RIGHT Riverfront Park was an hour away. So we took a picture in our running gear, that we did not actually run in and instead went out for breakfast.

As you can see in the above picture Ashley has an excellent "duck face" when she has been drinking. These pictures are from the Annual June Picnic Volleyball tournament that we go to. We always start out really strong, then we drink too much of the FREE BEER, and we get last place, every single year. My mom plays in this tournament with us as well, so we are lucky enough to see her get all worked up and call us "buttcheese", and other wonderful terms. You cannot see this from the pictures but my mom also wears these wonderful Starter brand windbreaker pants, that we tease her about them endlessly.

Ashley has interesting eating habits to say the least! Ha. In reality, Ashley is an excellent person to talk tp about food. She is currently finishing school at LCSC, in Kinesiology. Ashley would make the absolute best personal trainer and I really hope she ends up opening a CrossFit gym, with just ladies... Ha!
This picture just cracked me up so I had to add it. This is Ash and I "Indian Leg Wrestling" my step-dad (SD)... He may look like an old fart, but he kicked our asses. Over and over and over... I was bleeding bruised by the time we gave up... In this one, SD tried to flip us both, so he had no base, and he still won... WTF?

 Ashley is the only person in this world that can talk me into jumping into 8 degree water on New Years Day with a hangover... The only one... 
And our latest obsession has been Obstacle Runs... I won't bore you with the Spartan Pictures again, so these two are the Warrior Dash (the fire leap) and the Dirty Dash (in our 80's gear). 

She is just the coolest, most amazing person in the world... And sexy to boot. 

Ohh, and my run tonight, which is what I usually blog about, will be on the levee for 7 miles... No, I did not drag my ass down to my treadmill this morning... I was a lazy lazy lady...