Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lady Date Day

There are times that I just need time alone with my sister, time to talk to her, joke with her, just listen to her talk. Ashley has been my best friend since we were little girls, so much like my little girls that I just hope that they have a relationship like we do. My sister is funny, amazing, generous, thoughtful, kind, strong, gorgeous, crude with a sailors mouth (makes my mouth sound like a churchily saint). My sister is the one person that knows me, knows my past, my secrets, my insecurities, my flaws, EVERYTHING. So when I am alone with her, I am me. Very few people can make a person feel like that. Ashley can. The girlies and I went and got some Starbucks, went and picked her up, and headed to the little Vietnamese nail salon, that hardly anyone knows about. We talked about everything, her life, my life, the girls, our family, everyone else's family. Ha. 

Love this lady...

The girlies had a great time too, they are so funny. 

Tomorrow is a sixteen mile run... Yes, sixteen miles. Made some pasta with teriyaki chicken tonight, chugging the water after too much coffee... So will need to just have a good breakfast, probably oatmeal, and do gels and plenty of water tomorrow. Updated my iPod running playlist tonight, all set for morning. :) 
By the way, my sister is having a baby! I am going to be auntie, I cannot wait to have a niece or nephew! Here is a little sneak peak at that soon to be addition to our family. If you look closely you can see it carrying a little dumbbell, my sister is a bad ass, I expect nothing less from this little baby.