Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seven Dwarfs of Running...

Happy to report that empty eating was back on track today. Will be fine tuning it this month and doing my best not to focus on calories but rather fueling my body. Trying, as this is much harder for me then to just saying I will, I'm obsessive with my intake, obsessive... 

Breakfast: Dave's Killer Bread (2 slices), Peanut Butter (1T), Coffee, Almond Milk (1/4c)
Snack: Fiber One Bar
Lunch: I didn't leave work today... Dave's Killer Bread (2 slices), Peanut Butter (2T)
Snack: McDonalds Caramel Latte (medium, and soooooo delicious)
Dinner: Spaghetti Pie (the girls and Bill love this, the recipe makes two, so I freeze the extra and it makes a quick dinner another night, and I can easily pick out te sausage and have a great pre-run carb meal of pasta and sauce)
Post-Run: Blueberry Greek Yogurt Protein and Flax Shake with Glutamine 
With a state complaint surveyor planning to be in our building tomorrow, I'll pass on wine tonight, need to get a run in in the morning, to take the edge of, so I don't kill anyone tomorrow. 

So yesterday I was reading another ladies blog that is a triathlete and she was talking about how she is all seven of the dwarfs when training, and I thought it was so true!!! Mine are listed below. 
1. Happy: tonight after finishing my run, there is this moment, that I feel nothing but this euphoric feeling of happiness, my body feels good, my mind refreshed, my peace found. 
2. Hungry: I love to eat, running allows me to eat more, this is a perk that I love. 
3. Stinky: yes, after a nice long run, especially lately in the heat around here, I am one stinky girl
4. Sleepy: I don't get enough sleep, I head to bed at 11, I wake up at 5... Not enough sleep... I make up for what I can on the weekends, and I drink far too much coffee, not something I'm willing to change... 
5. Grumpy: Bill once said that me running vs. me not running was like being married to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I'm pissy, rude and all around a big bitch if I don't get my runs in. I know that, Bill knows that, the girls know that, my sister knows that, my mom knows that... It's true. 
6. Nerdy: Nothing I love more than my nerdy little gadgets, apps, training calendars, shoes, technical material, flat out nerdiness.
7. Wino: I'll admit it... I like my wine. 

Tonight, I went for a nice 5 mile run on the levee, it was overcast and cool. Perfect night for a run, dark at 7:30 when I got back to my car. Feeling good!