Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Treadmill Here I Come!

Tomorrow will be the beginning of my morning runs on the treadmill to return, at least my weekday runs. By writing that here, I have committed, I don't commit half-assed so its done. The whole putting my phone in my shoe, with alarm set with "get your ass outta bed" on the screen with my favorite wake up motivation song, "Burn the Witch". It's too dark to run outside at 4:30am, it's too hot to run before my evening full of responsibilities begins, and by the time it's under 80, it's dark again... It's not that I don't love my treadmill, I just prefer to run outside. ran on my treadmill tonight, an easy 4 miles, and my foot felt great. My back has been tweaked and that too didn't hurt as result of running. Woot. 

Prior to my run, Bill and I took the girls out on our little boats. It was a nice retreat from the world.