Friday, September 20, 2013

The Long One...

Well the longest run before the marathon is complete. :) I could not be happier with where my body is. 

My foot, did not hurt after the first half mile until walking up the stairs at the hotel. My back didn't hurt during the run at all. My endurance was great, my lungs felt good and at no point during the run did I feel like I wasn't going to finish.

My Nuun tablets really seem to work well, I was happy with the results. I used the same ol' power gels that I have used the last two marathons, since I bought a case of the a million years ago, and like always they were great, they taste horrible however. I was reading in Runners World that combining the gels and electrolyte drinks was becoming a "no-no" among runners, cannot see why that would be. Always very effective for me. 

At a very carb heavy dinner last night, and although I do not care for buffets, it was perfect for what I needed last night. And like an old married couple,  Bill and I returned to our room to watch the Philadelphia game last night, and I got a solid 10+ hours of sleep last night.  So everything definitively fell onto place for this final long run, so here is to hoping that the marathon goes as smooth. 

By the way, played the best golf game that I have ever played yesterday. It was a scramble, and we used more of my drives that anyone else's! My golf game is still pretty damn sad but I was happy I played as well as I did. Could it be I golf better without a bottle of wine in my cart???