Thursday, September 26, 2013

Totally Down in the Dumpster So Far This Week

I do not have a good excuse for my laziness lately, my shitty mood or the fact that my taper week/carb loading has been taken to the extreme. One, I have hardly run this week, I have spun and gone on a bike ride... Two, I have eaten like shit... My piss-poor attitude seemed to pass this morning, and I am feeling much better... I think.

But today had a very productive day at work, catching up on a stack of paperwork. Nice meeting at noon, ultimately meaning I got a delicious free lunch. Off at three to hangout with my girlies. Going to convince my oldest that doing Pilates with me is a fun time. Tonight, I am going to run the bridges, make a nice healthy salmon dinner, with some broccoli and a salad. Take care of my foot and back and get out of the dumpster can. And drink a giant pot of coffee so I can actually stay awake and hang out with Bill, as I have fallen asleep super early every night this week.