Sunday, September 15, 2013

The weekend...

Busy weekend... With NO RUNNING...

Saturday, went up for the WSU Cougar Football game, the game was great and the tailgating better.
These two guys below, that no one in our party knew, totally crashed our party... And were total creeps. 
Zach was stung by a bee, did a dance after being stung and dumped his beer all over DJ, and later, just as a reminder, another bee landed in his beer...
The Cougars won, and we went out for Sushi to my favorite little place up there, Red Bento. 

Sunday morning, Bill & I met with my AMAZING sister and her boyfriend to float the river. I just love being out on the water on our little boats. It was a good time. 
By the way, have I mentioned my sister is pregnant??? And I cannot wait to spoil this little child like crazy?!?! She is going to decorate the nursery in MONSTERS!!! How flippin' fun! 

I would talk about my beloved Niners, but it was a very very sad day for them today, against a team I cannot stand...

This weeks training plan, as I'll be out of town Thursday & Friday, have Bill's sons and mom here over the weekend, and my back is continuing to torture me it could prove to be a very stressful week. 
 Monday: 5 miles, bridges loop, morning run
Tuesday: 4 miles, tempo
Wednesday:  5 miles, bridges loop, morning run
Thursday: 20 miles, around Spokane
Friday: 3 mile recovery
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: depends on my mood...