Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Not my best decision...

Well, because the girls started back to school this morning, and they will be getting on the bus at 7am and I am planning to be heading to work around that time, I am moving my running time to afternoons... But today's decision to run around 4:30pm in 95 degrees was not my best decision... What was supposed to be a tempo nine mile RUN turned out to be a miserable, slow, 6.5 mile JOG... I don't use the term jog, jogging or jogger to talk about my running, but today I am using that dirty little word... But my cotton tank and capris were too hot and I was sweating like pig... Not one of more attractive moments...

By the way, I also used my amazing, expensive ($44) compression socks for the first time tonight and even though I look like a total idiot in knee high socks that take a small miracle to get into, they feel great. They feel like getting an amazing leg massage without any of the awkward touching of a stranger. I wonder sometimes if Bill ever looks at me and thinks, 'what the hell am I doing with this nerd' as I walk around the house in these ridiculous looking socks and spandex shorts... Poor guy. 

These are the socks:

On a positive note, my foot wasn't as horrible as it was previously. It didn't feel like the burning sensation it did when it was fractured before, so I am really, really hoping the bone is just bruised. I did slather on some super Bio-Freeze that a wonderful co-worker found for me, and even if it isn't helping or healing my wimpy foot, it still feels pretty damn good. 

And because I'm a mom and I think my girls are amazing and adorable, here are their first day of school pictures. :) you will see the OGIO backpacks from my OGIO sponsorship!!! I also got a sweet new purse!!!