Friday, February 21, 2014

And Finally it's Friday

All week this week I have thought, "Just make it to Friday". Work has been exceptionally challenging this week. I love my job, please understand that, but working in Skilled Nursing Facilities has its challenges. Skilled Nursing has an annual survey every year, no matter what state you live in, this is a federal regulation. They have these regulations in place to protect vulnerable elderly adults, I appreciate what they mean, I understand their importance, but I struggle with having a "mock survey" by our "peers"... So yes, a lot more than I usually share about my professional life, but it was a very long, very frustrating week at work. And when you work in a workplace that is 99% women, it can get quite dramatic at times, so my Friday afternoon, after the "survey team" left, there was just more drama and fireworks at work. So with utmost agreement with the term, "Thank God Its Friday".