Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wile E Coyote

This morning was a chilly run in the rain. It was actually quite refreshing. Running outside is quite refreshing, breaking up with my treadmill has felt so good. Unfortunately, the weather channel (well app) seems to think it is going to snow tonight, I hope not... But it's not supposed to stick. I hope. This morning I ran the levee, there is a pull out that is just down our hill and I do a loop and back. Today I made it to my turn-around, turned back and out of nowhere ran a coyote. It was clearly more scared of me, than I was of it, but geez I was caught off guard. 
And yes, I look like the road runner when I'm surprised by a coyote. Ha. 

Busy, hectic day at work. Nothing I'm not used to! Ha. 

Tonight, back at swimming lessons with these cuties.