Friday, February 28, 2014

Soul Searching

I have been doing a lot of soul searching these last few days. Which after thinking about my own education as a social worker, made me think about what I would ask someone else.

Personal Self Assessment
Personal Responsibilities:
1. My Family, they are my priority, meeting their needs (physical and emotion) is my primary responsibility.
2. My Job, there are anywhere between 75 to 85 elderly people, their families and loved ones that I am responsible to keep happy.

Financial Responsibilities:
1. In the position that Bill and I are in, we both have good jobs and they more than meet our financial needs, I don't worry about money the way Bill does, we have money, the bills are paid and all the kids have what they want & need with wiggle room, that is enough for me. :)

1. I don't talk a lot about my thoughts on spirituality and religion because I have been agnostic for about 5 years. I was raised in the christian faith, I find religion and many religious people to be filled with hypocritical beliefs. I think it's important to try to be a good person, to do your best, to help people when you can. I think that's a good belief system for me.

Goals & Priorities:
1. To be a good wife and mother.
2. To meet my goals as a runner.
3. To do a good job at work.
4. To take care of my health so I can be here for my family as long as possible.

Leisure Activities:
(Here is where I think lies my problem...) There are sooo many active things that I enjoy doing. Running, hiking, skiing, biking, rock climbing, archery, four-wheeling, snow-mobiling, ect that I know my girls love too that Bill and his son's do not enjoy... So that is a quandary. Do I enjoy these things with the girls, and just leave Bill and the boys at home or do them alone on the weekends we don't have kids, start crossfitting with my sister or go back to the gym with my girlfriends there? Or do I just continue giving them up? I have never enjoyed watching TV or playing video games, that's just never been something that I find much enjoyment in, so I don't feel like I can just fold and do these things instead.

My health is super important to me. I exercise. I try to eat right but also enjoy food. I take my vitamins. I research food and the changes in the research that's out there.

Running Self Assessment
The running self assessment above I really like, you just give yourself a 1-9 of where you would rank yourself to make a good assessment of where you can improve.

Endurance: I would give myself about a 6 on this right now, but I should be closer to a 7 or 8 by the first marathon.

Speed: 4... Yes, I know, my speed sucks, I don't deny it... Truly where I need the most improvement.

Strength: 5, my strength isn't where it was when I was doing CrossFit that is for sure, or lifting in the gym, but it's not all out shit either.

Flexibility: 3... This has declined a lot with the pain in back, and with that I have gotten stiff. My #2 area I need to work on. 

Technique: I would give myself a solid 7 here, I have read a lot and gone to a few people who know what the heck they are talking about and I feel good about my technique.

Mental Strength: Hmm, most of the time a 7, but occasionally a 6. 

Support: 9, I have a great support system. :)

Motivation: 9, no problems at all with this. Every day my grams is my motivation. 

Nutrition: I would say a 7, I like to eat healthy and I tend to be great about my eating but I do enjoy to at out occasionally and have wine. :)

Rest: I would say 4. I get roughly 5-6 hours of sleep a night... I know... I know...