Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bill's Face Transformation!!!

Because I know you are all dying to see Bill's facial hair transformation, you are welcome!!!
Great day today. First, a great run this morning! 
Busy morning at work and I totally LOVE my job. 
Then a nice lunch with my Bill, followed by more work. It was so nice out, had my running bag in the car and SUDDENLY an aura which preced my migraines... Thank goodness I have Bill who rescued me with Excedrin and drove me and my blinded eyes home. 
After dinner, of a yummy breakfast bake, we went to Petco to get Kimbo some new toys and treats, then to Spot On Yogurt with our girlies, followed by Hastings (which is my favorite place ever!!!). Then Kimbo met her first friend! They played and had a great time. Now, she's exhausted.