Monday, February 17, 2014

Officially Marathon Training & So Is Haili!!!

This morning was the first day of my Hal Higdon training plan, CDA Marathon is 18 weeks away!!!
Ms Kimbo and I ran on the levee. It was windy and she's still pretty slow but running outside after being tied to my treadmill FOREVER felt sooo good. And the Mizuno pullover is becoming my new favorite thing. So warm, perfect length, sneaky pockets, and cute. Love it. 

And as you see above, I've added the Vancouver Marathon to my training because HAILI WANTS TO RUN A MARATHON!! Crazy? An eight year old running a marathon? It's crazy! Haili will run 25 miles over the next 21 weeks, and then the Saturday before the marathon she will run a 1.2 mile race and they give all the kids their finishers medal, a MARATHON medal. I don't know who is more excited between Haili and I but last night I ordered her running clothes and this morning she fretted over what she would eat the morning of the race that would give her energy. Oh my, I could not love this kid more. We are planning to do her runs on Wednesday after I get off work. I even made her a little training schedule for Wednesday. Soooo cool. 
Tonight I made Teriyaki Stirfry with Brown Rice. Yum. Too much sauce, so no recipie til it's a little improved. Then I made my lunches for the week, Oven Fajitas!!! Yum!