Saturday, July 27, 2013

Awwwww... The weekend.

Saturday mornings when only Bill and I are home are marvelous. We sleep in, and I mean sleep in. It was after 10am before I even started to wake up. We snuggled, slept, played on our iPads and snuggled more. I love Saturday mornings... 

This morning I made a veggie omelette with fresh green peppers and onions from my garden. It doesn't get more homegrown or more organic than that. 

Bill and I took the boats out around 1. Visited, swam, joked, and relaxed. It was nice. While we were there a little boy on the beach lost his floaty toy, he tried to swim to it, but the current was faster thn he was. At this point the whole beach is watching. Another man dives in to save it. He too isn't fast enough. Then finally a couple on a skidoo rescued the floaty. The whole ordeal probably took fifteen minutes. By the time the little boy got his floaty back everyone on the dock and the beach were clapping. It was a great little feel good moment. 
After our boat trip we went to dinner and Tomato Brothers for dinner. It was a perfect, relaxing Saturday. (I made the following table cover for Bill, you can see on his face how thrilled he is...)