Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Early Morning Runs

I live in probably the most running friendly place imaginable, the weather is nice 75% if the year, with maybe a month of super cold weather and a month of super hot weather, and the rest of the year mild. This morning, headed out after my favorite little PreWorkout boost, Hyper FX PreWorkout and a cup of black tea.
The weather was gorgeous this morning, a cool 60 degrees, the sun just coming up. Reminded me of that TV commercial that they are producing for Nike in the movie What Women Want, where they are talking about when a woman runs, its just her and the road, the noise of her feet hitting the pavement. Running the levee here is like that, no noise, just me and the path, feeling my body work, no one wanting anything from me... just me and the road. Was scheduled for a 3 mile Tempo Run, felt so good, finished at 3.42 miles instead. :)

The view off our deck this morning:

The view from the levee:

There were deer when I made it to my half way point, on the school track. A buck and three females. They barely even looked up from the grass they were eating.