Thursday, July 18, 2013

Golfing, Dining & Today's Run

Yesterday golfing with Bills boss and all of his colleagues was actually a lot of fun. My golf game could use a lot of improvement but Bills laid back attitude and his fun personality makes anything fun. First time using my super cool OGIO golf bag. 

The bank Bill works for has some really amazing good people working there. It was nice getting to know more of them. Bills best friend was recently promoted and he is now a peer to Bills position. He golfed yesterday too in this fancy new hat...
After golf we had a dinner with everyone at the resort. It was a true 5 course meal, including lime and lavender to cleanse our pallets before dinner that unfortunately tasted a lot like shampoo... But dinner was delicious, I had the crab leg fettuccini. 

Bill and I after dinner last night:

This morning I just had my recovery run for yesterday. It was a tempo 4 miles, again on the treadmill. My body was sore and my hips were grouchy the first mile but everything relaxed and I finished my run feeling really good. Used the amazing foam roller again that felt so so so good on my stiff back. I need one of these. Had a nice light breakfast before my run, from the little market in the resort. My run had a little more pep and I didn't need to take my PreWorkout for that boost. :)

Get the girlies back today. :) cannot wait. We are going to surprise them and take them out in the boats. Should be a perfect little evening.