Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Upcoming Races

Was just emailing my mother-in-law (officially my mother-in-law for 6 days now, so it's interesting to say!!!), and realized I hadn't mentioned my other upcoming race!

I mentioned I have this super amazing sister, Ashley. Well she and I have done a few obstacle races in the past... Below is us at Warrior Dash in North Bend, Washington. Amazing time, just she and I. 

And then this is us at Dirty Dash in Boise, Idaho. We went with a team from Gold's Gym Lewiston and it was a blast too. 

Well we have decided this years adventure would be a Spartan Race, these are more insane! With harder obstacles, more serious, and we are super excited!
Another awesome thing about this is my brother Alex, who is in the Army, will be here to run it with us! The last race I ran with Alex he was pre-solider and he still killed me, AND PLACED!!! Cannot wait!!!

And this race is only about a month away!!! Woo hoo!