Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bill to the Rescue!

(Kimbo's Holiday Spirit)

This week has continued to be extremely stressful at work. State complaint surveyor in the facility yesterday, ruining plans to go watch my step-son's Christmas program, all around a shitty day. Even a good run yesterday didn't keep the crappy day away. 

Today was much better, starting with Bill bringing me my favorite coffee and spinach and feta wrap from Starbucks to me at work and giving me a great little good morning kiss and much needed hug. Survey was still in the building, my back was hurting more than ever before and all that topped off with a bad nights sleep... Bill was my hero. 
I did go to the chiropractor today after many, many back spasms. Dr. Joe applied a stim unit and some heat, he walked out of the room and my back started spasming much, much worse, until I couldn't stand the pain any longer and finally yelled out of the doctor. Having spasms clear up into my shoulders. Worst pain I have ever experienced. Ever. He did tape my back up and put on some Biofreeze. Then he had some exercises for me to try, and showed me some literature that he had about my posture that actually explained the degenerative arthritis in my foot. The body is a weird thing. 

Back to work, surveyor left, tagging our facility... More work to come... Followed by an all staff meeting and a pile of assessments... Long day. I text Bill that I am leaving soon and I get this reply "wait". I ask "what? wait?" And his "we are coming to you"... My first thought is someone is hurt and Bill is bringing us to the hospital, but not at all! They came to take me to dinner! To one of my favorite local restaurants! Then at the end of dinner, Bill announces we are getting our tree tonight. What a great way to end the day. :)