Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recap of the Holiday

Christmas Eve is the main day that I had with my girlies this year, again I loath having to share them during the holidays... We had brunch with my family, so that they could see the girls and open gifts with them. My girlies love to help cook. Another reason that they are the best girls in the world.  
They got dressed up for the holiday, which is asking a lot of Haili, who prefers the tom-boy look most days. 
My sister, her husband, his kids, my mom, my brother Ryan, my big papa, my dad and his girlfriend joined us for brunch. It was quite nice. 
My sister bought the girls marshmallow guns, which was hilarious and chaos all at once, you can't find a cooler Auntie than my sister. 
Bill left part way through the day to go get his boys, the rest of us watched a movie and hung out. My family is pretty awesome. After everyone left and the boys arrived we opened gifts. The girls leave at noon on Christmas, so I wanted them to be able to play with their toys for awhile before going to their dads. 

Haili loved her sewing machine, can you tell?
And Graci adored the Lalaloopsy dolls, all three million of them. 
These girls just make me so happy. After gifts and unwinding, the girls helped make cookies for Santa and we set out cookies, milk and carrots (for the reindeer). Nice little Christmas Eve. 
Christmas morning we did stockings, which was fun. The kids laid around until heading to their dads.
We had a nice quiet Cjristmas dinner with Bill, his boys, my sister, her husband, my mom and my brother Ryan. Watched some football exchanged gifts. It was a nice little holiday. 

I made quite a little haul too, lots of cool gifts and running/workout stuff.