Sunday, December 29, 2013

Self Assessments, a Confession & Next Weeks Plan

A couple of interesting self assessments in my new book, The Triathletes Training Bible by Joe Friel, that applies to running as well.

The first, a Personal Profile looking at where my strengths lie between Force, Speed & Endurance. Endurance score, 5/5, seems like a no-brainer, endurance is my strong suit, hence my preference of marathons to 5ks. Speed score, 1/5, also not a shocker, speed needs to be my focus this year for sure. But sadly, my Force score was horrible, 0/5, may need to shift some attention that direction as well, obviously hills and wind, aren't my favorite, but overcoming resistance would be an excellent trait to have. 

The second assessment, Mental Skills Profile looking at Motivation, Confidence, Thought Habits, Focus & Visualization. Motivation, I scored in the excellent range, good deal. Confidence, Thought Habits, & Focus, I scored in the good range, which is good (that's funny). And in Visualization, I scored Average, which I'd agree with. 

Confession... My eating has sucked. I have 100 reasons (excuses) for my shitty eating the past few weeks (ahem, months) but they all suck... I'm better than my shitty eating. I know how to eat healthy, I know how to meet my bodies needs... So I'm done with my crap eating, my crap excuses, and really with the crap I'm shoving in my mouth. Today, right on track. :)

Breakfast: 2c of coffee, each with 1/4c Light Vanilla Almond Milk, 3 Eggs cooked with 1/2c mushrooms, 1 whole tomato, and 1/2c crab. Yum. 

Lunch: 5oz chicken breast, 1 whole yellow squash, 1c red grapes. Again, yum. 

Dinner: 5.8oz Salmon, 3" corn on the cob, and 1/2c fat free cottage cheese. (Sorry, got distracted with the lasagna I made for everyone else, so no pic.) After dinner I pre-weighed my salmon for the week. Hurray! 
And I had the most delicious, 100 calorie skinny cow Ice Cream bar and hid them in the back of the freezer. :) Dont tell anyone!!!

This Weeks Workout Plan:

5:30-6:30am: Leg & Abs Strength Train
7:15-8am: Run
5pm: Spin/Bike

5:30-6:30am: Back & Biceps Strength Train
7:15-8am: Run
5pm: Swim

5:30-6:30am: Spin/Bike

5:30-6:30am: Leg & Abs Strength Train
7:15-8am: Run
5pm: Swim

5:30-6:30am: Long Run
7:15-8am: Chest & Shoulders Strength Train

*every day: dead lifts, hip extension, leg drops, hanging leg raises