Monday, December 2, 2013

Official Mizuno Sponsored Schedule & Training Begins

Mondays are typically a bit messy, the messes left behind with no managers in the facility, the pile up of paperwork and throw in a holiday and it's typically a nightmare. Today wasn't bad. Maybe it was getting my run in, maybe it was how much I'm loving this new puppy, or maybe just how much I love having my day exactly on my routine. Either way, it was a good little work day. 

Started my training schedule for my 2014 races which include:
*Jan 25th: Freeze Your Fanny 5k
*April 27th: Spokane River Run 10k
*May 4th: Bloomsday 12k
*May 25th: CDA Marathon
*Aug 9th: Crater Lake Half Marathon
*Oct 5th: Portland Marathon
These are the minimum that I'll run for the Mizuno sponsorship that they have officially approved. More may sneak their way into my 2014 calendar, but I'll be training for time in these six specifically. 

Anyways, got the girlies out the door this morning, and it was pouring down rain, so decided to do my morning run on the treadmill. An easy 30 minutes. Tomorrow will be sprints... My least favorite form of training, but I really want to emphasis on speed for 2014. 

Day 1 of week 5 of fighter diet eating. :) Have continued to lose a few pounds a week, and am toning a bit, and feeling really good about it. Struggling getting enough calories but feeling like I'm getting plenty. 

Enjoyed hanging out with my girlies tonight after them being away for four days. We did spray art tonight. :)

And enjoyed clicker training with this baby girl: