Saturday, December 7, 2013

Flippin' Frigid Run

 Yesterday I finally went to Eastgate Chiropractic. My amazing sister works there and had suggested it several times... Finally after much nagging from both she and Bill, I succumbed and went. Dr. Joe was great. I always associate going to the Chiro with going to some quack witch doctor... But my back has been killing me, I've been walking around crooked, in a half bent over hobble at night and my runs start out miserably painful every morning. Dr. Joe was far from what I feared. He was thorough, he is clearly educated and extremely passionate about the field he works in, he supports athletes, and I left feeling like a fat lady had finally gotten off my back. The best news, he doesn't think my foot is fractured. He thinks it's stressed related to arthritis since there is some bone growth and only right where I showed him on my right foot. The damage I've done to my feet, my hate for milk, and my disregard for the pain have probably led to arthritis... I'm just thankful there is no risk I will have a broke foot and not being able to complete my 2014 races. 

So today, although it was only 19 degrees out, Kimbo and I braved the cold. She was great. We did a decent paced 5 miles, her little legs going a steady 9 minute mile pace. After finishing, I think I need to invest in a vest or coat for her. I love this girl, best running partner ever. 

When we got home she played and finally passed out. 
Finally, we decided to take the kiddos to the Aquatic Center. The hot tub felt AMAZING on my back after the freezing cold run. 
Today was Kimbo's first two hours home alone. You'd have thought she was dying by the noises she was making when we left the house. We came home and she was impatiently waiting. 

Tonight... Pizza and Wine. :)